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Dear Collector,

I’m really excited that we’re launching Foxies! With this project we will be able to educate 1 million women and girls in blockchain development and entrepreneurship! Our white paper launches soon with details of our roadmap. We can’t wait! For now, jump on the whitelist to secure your place in line to mint!

– Adryenn Ashley, Founder of Foxies

About the Project

We don’t just sell amazingly cute NFT’s! Foxies is out to change the world by creating an ecosystem to educate women and girls in blockchain development and entrepreneurship. We have a staged launch strategy over the next year to bring more utility to the project and expand the number of holders.

We have some very cool perks and plans on our road map with more surprises being developed!

Start of Sale
10% of Foxies Minted
20% of Foxies Minted
30% of Foxies Minted
40% of Foxies Minted
50% of Foxies Minted
60% of Foxies Minted
70% of Foxies Minted
80% of Foxies Minted
90% of Foxies Minted
100% of Foxies Minted

Meet the Team

They say it takes a villiage and with Foxies, it’s true. We have over two dozen people working diligently on the project that will be added shortly. For now, here are a few to start…

Adryenn Ashley
Founder and NFT Designer / Technologist

Amanda Beaton
Foxies Character Artist

Jennifer Sedivy
CTO/Front End Developer

Lauren Weiss
Dean of Education

Adrienne Greenwood

Adrienne Greenwood

Tina Mulqueen
Communications Manager & Media Partner

Jessica Kill
Live Event Publicity

Paul David Carpenter

Paul Carpenter
Business Development

Jackson Lynch
Project Manager

Kelley Cochran

Rebecca Bonn
Relationships Manager

Cyrus Tomkins
Metaverse Programmer

Alexandra Damsker

Alexandra Damsker
Advisor & Instructor

Erin Cell
NFT Influencer & Media Partner

Alyze Sam

Alyze Sam

Alex Tinsman

Alexandra Tinsman
Advisor & Instructor

Monika Proffitt
Tokenomics Instructor

Sherry Boyer

Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson

Maria Whalen

Loral Langemeier
Influencer & Instructor

Lizza Morales
NFT Influencer & Instructor

Tara Townes

Tara Townes

Lee Richter
NFT Influencer & Media Partner

More team photos coming soon!

Launch Plan

Join us on our Year Long Plan


Q1 2022

Launching 10,250 NFT PFP’s that have utility, rarity, and access.

Q1 2022

Launching the Foxies Trading Card Inititative as a Trade to Win game. Users collect all tails in every color or all foxies in one color to win.

Q2 2022

Breeding Engine launches. Each user can multiply their Foxies and create new Foxies. Every time a Foxie is bred, it kicks off a scholarship.

Q3 2022

Simple Play to Earn Games launch.

Q4 2022

Foxies launches branded merchandise line in time for Christmas.

Q1 2023

Foxies University opens in the Metaverse!

Rarity Traits

Foxies have over 250 Rarity Traits and a roadmap of 100 more to come once breeding opens. From backgrounds that unlock access to secret airdrops, to superpowers, and breeding traits… our Foxies are ready for adventure…


We have a bold mission to be sure, but we have organized the economics to support our plans! This is how we plan to use the funds raised from our mint.


Artist Royalties

We believe in compensating our Artists rather than paying pennies to someone on Fiverr. This has been a many months-long journey.



The boring legal, accounting and administrative work that is crucial to delivering quality products.


Incentives & Rewards

We love our partners and this pool is created to reward their participation for helping to launch Foxies.



Actual spending on tools, platforms, listings, ads and promotional items like swag.


Ongoing Operations

Platform fees, developer salaries, design and engineering, smart contracts and oh so much more we can’t wait to share!

Founder Adryenn Ashley speaks at conferences around the globe. As a benefit of being a Foxies holder you’ll receive exclusive access to private events.

When possible, we will negotiate discounts on event tickets, and secure party invitations. This is an exclusive benefit for Foxies NFT holders! We are also organizing global meetups to create local communities. Stay tuned to meet your first community managers.

Thank you for joining us in the Foxies metaverse!

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